Selby Hewitt

Local President

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Local Vice President

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Nosheen Iram


Raj Batoo


Doron Jacob


Executive Council

I joined the Council of Local 00051 in 2010 as Secretary, and have held this position since. I currently work in Revenue Collections, as a Collection Officer, in ARNI.  I have worked for CRA for 35 years; my first 16 years were in Finance & Admin.   I have good coordinating and organizational skills; I pay attention to details. At the office I am head of the Social Committee. I enjoy organizing events and getting discounted tickets for all to enjoy, for theatre, movies, and amusement parks.  Outside the office I am the social organizer for my friends and family members. I volunteer at the Deacon’s Cupboard Food Bank, and am also the Secretary for them. My hobbies include painting thru virtual classes, travelling, wine-making, and walking.

I joined union, in August 2018 as a director and working as a Co-Chief steward since 2019. I am currently working as  a collection officer , in Aggressive Tax Planning (ATP) Collections. I joined CRA 21 years ago and also  worked in Finance, payrolls department. I have also worked as a high school science teacher for 5 years. I am a part of a visible minority group  and also a member of different committees at work . I am also actively involved in my community to help people. I am a people person  and enjoying working with the members and able to negotiation and resolves concern and issues between members or  management.I am honoured to be part of PSAC community and looking forward to help everyone. Please feel free to contact me any time if you need any union related advise or help.

In 2016, I sustained a physical injury and needed union representation to assist in an accommodation process.  As an active participant in the process from the start, my experience was so positive that felt the overwhelming desire to assist others who were going through similar situations by becoming a Steward in May of 2017.  This desire was coupled with my experience advocating for others, since I have a son with Autism, as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution from the Continuing Studies Program at The University of Toronto.  Within months of becoming a steward, a vacancy for Chief Steward became available, and I embraced the opportunity to assist members with more complicated scenarios.  When the position of Vice President became available in the summer of 2019, I ran for election and secured the position.  I have represented members with some of the most complex situations, I step in when the President is away, and I continue to be a resource to Chief Stewards and Stewards alike.  I work closely together with the President in formulating communications which come from the Local.  I have sat on the Helping Our Wellness Committee, and I led a Zumba class during the first Stress Buster Week in 2019.  I also attend conferences and training sessions to learn new information and share that information with members of council.

I am a trust compliance officer with the Canada Revenue Agency and a part of the Union Taxation of Employees Union.  I was apart of Toronto North Local 00048 since 2007 at the Business Enquiries Call site where I encountered may issues that negatively affected employees such as short-term contracts, indeterminate conversations at 5 years, full-time contracts selectively given based on management discretion, call monitoring on every call, and performance tracking for every call.  The stress and aggravation these employees faced everyday was heart-breaking.  This led me to join my Local’s executive council as the local’s Co-VP in order to help fight against the arbitrary treatment of employees and solve the numerous employee complaints.  I continued my passion for Union work when I transferred to Toronto West Local 00051 where I currently work as a Co-Chief Steward.  Helping the wonderful executive council there in resolving issues as they arise.

Mike Henderson