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In the November Economic Statement the “roll back” for our wages was in a separate paragraph and in the recent budget there is no specific mention what effect the imposed salary increases of 2.3%, 1.5%, 1.5% and 1.5% will have on those with signed Collective Agreements.

Since Tuesday night we have made numerous efforts to find out how the Budget will affect our members to no avail as of yet. In fact we have one Conservative MP telling us that it is NOT in the legislation and one MP who is telling us that it IS in the legislation. I have written the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and our own Minister and have yet to receive an answer. The PSAC as made attempts to have the question raised in the House during Question Period but that has not been successful as of yet. Your National Executive Council members have also made several attempts via various MPs across the country. We still do not know the impact to our members. It is also safe for me to advise you that if the “roll back” is in the legislation the PSAC will make every effort and challenge required to protect your right to Collective Bargaining and to have faith in a duly signed Collective Agreement. However, as you know that will take time in the Courts.

I urge every member to contact their MP and let them know that if the “roll back” is in the legislation:
1.  The savings would be minimal
2.  It is taking spending money out of the hands of our members thus serving no purpose to the economy
3.  We have a legal signed Collective Agreement
4.  It will impact on Union/Management relations in the workplace where both the union and the employer
     have made great attempts to improve    
 - Betty Bannon, National President - UTE