Union of Taxation Employees - Toronto West TSO
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UTE Local 51 Committees

Bargaining Randy McKeown, Richard Moon-Wan, Jatinder Batth
By-laws and Regulations Randy McKeown, Selby Hewitt, Kelly McKeown
Communications Randy McKeown, Selby Hewitt, Kelly McKeown, Zakia Shaffi
EAP Randy McKeown, Zakia Shaffi, Charlotte Moreira
Education/Training Selby Hewitt, Richard Moon-Wan, Kelly McKeown
EO Selby Hewitt, Brenda Morris, Zakia Shaffi
Finance Randy McKeown, Selby Hewitt, Jatinder Batth, Paul Napady, Greg Sabat
Memberships/Rands Kelly McKeown, Ceburt Sparkes
OHS (Health and Safety) Ceburt Sparkes, Jatinder Batth, Zakia Shaffi, Greg Sabat
Political Action Committee

Randy McKeown, Selby Hewitt, Paul Napady, Ceburt Sparkes

Staffing Randy McKeown, Richard Moon-Wan, Kelly McKeown, Ceburt Sparkes
UMC Randy McKeown, Brenda Morris, Paul Coppin
Workforce Adjustment Randy McKeown, Selby Hewitt, Paul Napady