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October 17, 2008

 Input Call for Equal Opportunities Committee Members
DEADLINE: November 14, 2008

UTE is soliciting equity seeking group members to be on the National Equal Opportunities Committee.  We are looking to fill five positions for members representing each of the following groups: Women, Aboriginal Peoples, Lesbians or Gays, Persons with Disabilities and Visible Minorities. 

The term is for two years.  The duties and obligations of the committee members are covered in the Terms of Reference.

How to apply

The applicants must submit a letter that outlines the following:

1.  Name, address, phone number, work location, membership number.

Position for which they are applying:
               Women, Aboriginal Peoples, Lesbians or Gays, Persons with Disabilities, Visible Minorities .

Any other information concerning their group identification they would like considered or they feel is in some way relevant.  (e.g., the particular visible minority or Aboriginal community to which they belong, the type of disability they have).  Please note that this information is voluntary.  We would like applicants to identify themselves in the way they feel is most appropriate.

3.  Union involvement (e.g., positions held, conferences attended, courses taken and so on).

4.  Community involvement

5.  Experience in designing workshops or training modules and/or providing training to groups of people on various
     topics (optional).

6.  Short essay (250 words or less):

         "What does achieving equity in UTE mean to you and how do you hope to achieve this
                                     if you are selected for the EO Committee?"

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact anyone on the Executive Council.